Friday, May 1, 2015

Man With Cat As A Pet

 Being a man with a cat as a pet I sometimes get looks when I tell people that I have a cat, I am guessing these people think a cat is a feminine type pet.  I would not trade my cat for anything, she is my first cay and I was surprised at how much of a personality she has.

My Cat Sassy

 She likes to be with me and whatever room I am in she is there with me, I had to make a bed for her near me in the office to keep her off the computer desk. I did not mind her on the desk with me but it was hard to see the monitor. We have established a bond where we trust each other, you can say she is my friend and I consider her to be my best friend.
Sassy sleeping on computer desk

  Being a man and having a cat never crossed my mind when I took her in and gave her a loving home, If I am judged by having a cat as a pet then this world is in worst condition then I thought. I can assure you that nobody will shame me into feeling bad, I love this cat.

  I think is is surprise to some people, mostly women like cats and have them. I catch them off guard when I say I have one and it is fun to see the look I get sometimes, you can always tell a cat lover because you see their face light up and want to know all about my baby.

 Having a cat has always been an adventure, she has kept my company on some lonely nights. And recently kept me up all night when she got out and I could not find her. I looked all night and 5 hours after the sun came up, this was incredible and I will never forget it.
  I was home changing my bloody socks because I walked so much looking for her that I got blisters that were bleeding, I left the door open hoping she would come home and she came walking in like nothing was wrong. It looked like she was trying to make me think she was there the whole time.

Sassy's Experience

This was here first night out alone ever, she is a house cat and I can tell she was happy to be back inside. She did not go near a door for 4 days or try to get out again yet. I think she had a bad experience and was scared, I got up to go the the bathroom before midnight and noticed she was not in bed. From that time on I was out looking for her, I am not sure when she got out and I know the last time I seen her was around 6 pm when I feed her.

My experience

  I have been extra careful to watch her, I thought she might be gone and I was heartbroken. I use to think they were just animals and you could get another. She changed that, I know she is one of a kind and losing her would hurt.

 I am careful about her getting out and I am looking for a name tag that can hold me name, number, and address that is small enough for a cat. I know that is not a cure for anything, but if she is found maybe it will help her get back to me. My only worry with that is she is such a nice animal that who finds her may keep her for themselves.   I make sure she does not get out.

Man With A Cat

  So I am a man with a cat and proud of it, I will not lose her and make sure to not let her get out again. She is little and quick, she watches and looks for weaknesses she can exploit and use to get out. I see her do this, she is so smart and plans things out. A very special cat for a good and loving man, we make a great pair.

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