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What Kind Of Worms Do Cats Get?

When your cat gets fleas there are several things you can do, when it gets worms all you can do is treat her for it. You can take him/her to the doctor
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and pay that bill and then buy the medicine or you can get the medicine yourself and treat the animal without paying the vet bill. Your pet should go to the vet anyway, talk about preventative options and what you can do to make sure you animal remains healthy.

 I treat my cat and use preventative measures the vet told me was safe, the only thing I have not done was get her fixed. She stays inside and has no chance of having babies.

What Kind Of Worms Do Cats Get

Cats and dogs can get several types of worms, the most common in cats are tape worms and round worms. They can get heart worms and hook worms, and there is an eye worm that I believe is harder to get.  There are lung worms that most often do not have any symptoms, you may notice the animal coughing or having difficulties breathing.

 Worm Tests

The vet can test for these worms, you can see them in the cats stool or around his anus. Some will have eggs in the cats bed that have crawled out of the anus. My cat sleeps with me and these worms can cause humans problems as well, because of this I just treat the cat every six months and pay attention in case I see something that looks suspicious. If you research the type of worm you think the animal may have you can learn what to look for and how to cure it.

Symptoms Of Cat Worms

  There are different brands of medicines you can buy, but if you are like me and worry about your best friend then only the best will do.
   Different worms have different symptoms, you will see the cat being lazy or losing weight even though it is eating the same or more, it will have the worms in the stool or around the anus. The cat will most likely throw up and have diarrhea, you may see the worms in either one. There can be eggs in the cats bed if there is a severe infestation.

It is common for there to be no symptoms and you will never know, on my regular check up for the cat I had her tested and ever since I treat her annually so she does not get any. I do the best I can to keep her healthy.

Heartgard is a well known name brand with an excellent reputation and tons of quality put into their products, they have an entire line of products for cats and dogs. 
Sergeants also makes quality products that I trust my cat to take, they have it in liquid form that is easy to add to food.

I personally use Heartgard for collars and soaps, And Sergeants for internal medicines because the liquid is easy to administer.

     Heartgard (Monthly) Heartgard Red Cats 1-5lbs 6.00                                             image of sergeants worm medicine

Either Link will open up more information about the product, purchase options and other related products that help with the care of your pet.

Other Facts about Cat Worms

  1. Your cat may throw up or have diarrhea
  2. You may see you cat with a bloated stomach
  3. Humans can catch it from the animal

Your Cats Health

  Your pet depends on you for food, water, shelter, and health care. We take that responsibility upon us when we decide to get an animal as a pet. The attention and love you get back is well worth it if you care for and love the animal it will do the same for you. Sounds funny and it is very true, if your cat develops feelings for you because you take care and time to play with it. It will know you and know when you are sick or sad and comfort you back, My cat does not leave my side when I am sick or sad. And if I ever get depressed she is on my chest poking me in the nose to telling me feel better, she says I am here and I love you- get up and play which cheers me up or at the least helps me to feel better.

 Love your pet and the returns are great...

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