Saturday, April 4, 2015

Learn Why Cats Meow

     The Cats Meow  

  To know why cats meow you have to understand that cats communicate with their owners or friends, their meow is one way how they accomplish this.
A cats meow has many meanings depending on what she is trying to express, their meow along with their actions can express exactly what they want.

 Once you know the cat and how it acts it is easy to tell what it is saying to you. You may think this is strange, I can tell what my cat wants or is saying most of the time. I have been told that the cat has me trained well, maybe that is the case with some people. My cat has a schedule and if I do not stick with it she will let me know, she has a way to tell me things and a way to remind me or get my attention. The funniest and most impressive thing she does is yell at me. 

Know Your Cats Meow

  A cat meows in different ways and tones, they show their feelings through their meows. You can tell it is is happy or scared, if it is hungry or wants out.
Understanding and knowing your cat is the first step in knowing what the meows mean.  My cat has to be with me, if I close the bathroom door it will meow until I let her in. If I do not open it she will meow loud and strong, it sounds like she is yelling at me.
Baby cat meows

Cats learn to meow from babies, they call for their mom or meow because they are afraid or cold. They learn to communicate just like a child does.
They usually only meow to humans, they use body language or growls when communicating with other cats.
 Kittens will call out to their mom with meows.

Why Cats Meow

Your cat will meow when it is frightened, hungry, happy, or just about any reason when it is trying to express itself. A kitten will meow when it is hungry or calls out for it's mom. My cat meows when it wants in to a room or out, it meows when it is hungry or when it is time for me to get up. It meows to tell me things and I usually know what it wants, when I do not my cat will help me to understand.

Cats are smart, when you get to know a cat you can tell just how smart they are. Now that you have a better understanding why cats meow, did you see how cute that kitten was in the picture.

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