Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kitten Present, Puppy Present ? A bad Idea!!

              Would you give an animal as a present?

I think this is a bad idea unless you are giving it to your child and you accept it and the responsibility to care for it. If you give the animal to someone that did not want it or was not ready to take on the responsibility to care for it the animal could end up being mistreated or not cared for properly. It could even end up injured or in the pound.

Kitten Present

Image of a kitten Present.
Kittens are cute and lovable, I feel there is a lot of thought that goes into giving one as a present. An animal is a responsibility and needs to be cared for it's entire life, you have to know that who you are giving the animal as a pet to is capable of this.

 Unless you are giving it to your child and you are taking on the responsibility I never think an animal should be given as a present. I know an animal is lovable and can cheer up someone that is lonely, if the person just lost an animal and you know they are capable of caring for one then a kitten present would make a good and welcomed surprise. It is replacing one the person had and they should be able to care for it, Being a responsible giver you will check up on it's care.

 They have a way of cheering up just about anyone that is sad, lonely or depressed. I have never given one as a present and not sure I would. I do know they are powerful when it comes to making someone smile.

Puppy Present

 This is about cats but I had to through this in because I received a puppy as a present when I was six and remember how happy I was. Of course my parents were responsible at the time but he came with me at 18 when I moved out. As much as I loved him I had to return him because he missed the house and my parents, the new place with me was not the same for him. This is responsible ownership, thinking of the animal first.

The Necessaries, Food, Bedding, Toys

If you are going to give an animal as a present make sure you provide a source of food and the things it will need with it, it would even be a good idea to give the local vets numbers and a copy of any shots the animal has already had. Make it as easy on the new owner as possible and let them know you want the animal back if they can not handle it, it is about the safety of the animal. They are more then objects when given as presents.

Make sure your Kitten present will be taken care of for it's life or you may have to step in and care for it.

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