Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ideas For The Home Shared With A Pet

                                           Sharing Your Home

   When you make the decision to take an animal you become responsible for it and I am a believer that we need to give them a good life. We take the animal into our homes and have to share the living space with them, this can make for some interesting solutions on how to live with an animal.
Small Kittens are so cute

  In my case I have a cat, I have had a dog before and this is my first cat so I am learning as I go. She has such a personality and is my best friend also. It is amazing how they can sense you are sad or sick and they comfort you, my cat will not leave my side when I am sad or depressed and usually finds a way to cheer me up through her funny antics or loving nature.

 We are responsible to see they have a good life, because of the way she loves me back and is there for me I go above and beyond the normal care to make her happy. She has so many toys she needed a toy box, she has her own dishes for eating and drinking that match mine but are smaller-so cute.

I also find things around the house that make it comfortable for both of us to live together. Like recently I got her a cat bed, she has always slept with me and I was afraid she would stop if I got her a bed. I was talked into it recently and I am glad I did, she still sleeps with me and has her own bed for the nights I am restless when I keep moving and waking her. Also she will sleep in it during the day when I am not at home. She has a place of her own now and I am happy that I done something to improve the quality of her life more.
                                                     cat bedcat bed
 I purchased this bed through Amazon for 10 dollars, they have a nice selection of pet beds to chose from, Click on the bed and it will take you into the bed section.

  There are other things I do that make it comfortable for both of us to share a house and live together. I had a problem in my house as to where to put the litter pan without it being in sight for all my company to see. I prefer to have it in the bathroom except there is no room for it in this bathroom so I had to come up with another solution. I found something by accident when I was looking for something else. I was so happy with this that I had to share it with others.

 It is actually a cat pan inside a piece of furniture that does not look like a pan, I placed it by a window in the utility room and she sits on it and watches the birds out the window. My cat loves watching the birds fly, her little head goes back and forth and up and down. I love watching her do it.   I even put plants on it sometimes for them to get more sun if I feel they need it.

                                                        hidden cat boxcat litter box
 They have these in different styles and shapes, I have seen them in end tables and in large flower planters that look just like a flower pot.  You have to check these out, I feel they are such a great idea. Click on the image and it will take you to the section.  I like this one because there was room to store the extra litter in the box so everything is in one spot, makes it easier for me to clean the pan also.  I like the one in a flower pot and I will get that for my screened in porch for the summer.

  These make it easier on us for cleaning and out friends do not see the litter box anymore. It shows off your beautiful home.

  I love my cat and anything I can do to improve her life or my happiness with her is worth it to me, and a tip I have is to take as many pictures of your pet as you can. Especially while they are young because they grow up so fast, she is a part of my household and my family. I want to be able to look back and remember her as a baby.

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