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How To Take Care Of A Cat

                                  Caring For Cats

 When you get a cat you are taking on a big responsibility, you need to know how to take care of a cat. Cats are cute and lovable, there is nothing cuter then a kitten playing. They are also your responsibility for the rest of their life when you get one, you have to ensure the cat food, livable conditions and medical attention if it needs it.

  I came across a kitten that was on it's way to the pound and I did not want to see it start it's life there, especially where I live because we have a kill shelter. When we saw each other it was meant to be, I still had to consider if I could care for it and give it a good life. I struggle sometimes but make sure she gets what she needs at all times. I made a responsible decision and to be a cat owner you have to do the same.

How To Take Care Of A Cat

Kittens need smaller food that full size cats do, get a food that the kitten can eat. Something that is designed for kittens because it will have what they need to grow up strong. As she grows up you can get here on regular food, I use a mixture of wet and dry food at different times.
 Cats are mostly trained to use a litter box on their own, you just have to make sure they have one they are comfortable with and is in a place they like.
I use an enclosed one and she seems to like it, litter is another thing. There are many kinds of litter and you can get what you like or one she likes if you can tell. I use a clumping litter because it is easier to clean.
  The cat may sleep with you, it is still a good idea to get it a bed of it's own. This way it has a place of it's own if it wants, I recently purchased a bed for my cat. I was worried she would not sleep with me any more and kept putting it off, she likes having a bed and still sleeps with me. She has a choice now and this gives her a better quality of life.
 Cats need to have shots that prevent them from getting cat diseases, some of these diseases are fatal so these shots are important to get. The cat can not do this for itself so you have to make sure this gets done.

Getting Your Cat Spayed

 This is a decision you need to make if you are getting a female cat, if you do not want your cat to have babies then this is something to consider. It is said it also helps the cat to live longer so you should talk to your Vet about it.
 I love my cat and I do not want her to have kittens, I chose not to have her spayed because I am fearful of the process. It is very safe, I am just so attached to this cat that I fear everything. I do make sure she does not get pregnant, she is a house cat and does not go out.
 You have to make your own decision and talking to the Vet can help you with it. Ask any questions you may have, it is your job to keep the cat happy and safe.

My Best Friend

 My cat has improved the quality of my life, she is my best friend. I treat her well and make sure she is well cared for because she deserves it. Cats can enrich your life and it is up to you to do the same for them, they should have a good life. They live and have feelings just like we do, this is my first cat and I have learned so much about them. They have their own personalities and get afraid and happy just like we do.

  This cat has even taught me about myself, I learned many lessons through her. It is food when you take in a cat that needs a home and you save it's life, not everyone needs to get a kitten. You may want an older cat for many reasons

 What ever way you decide to go, make sure you are able to care for it the whole time it is alive.

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