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Cat Ownership

                            Getting A Kitten

When you decide to get a kitten you have to be sure because you are taking a big step, you are becoming responsible for another life. You have to care for it and make sure it is happy and healthy for it's entire life.  These are not throw away animals that you get because they are little and cute then you get rid of them when they grow up.

Cat Ownership 

I never did like this term even if that is what it is, my cat lives with me and she is my friend. I am responsible for her and ensure she has a good life, saying I own her makes her feel like property to me.

image of cute kitten
She is in my care, when you take an animal in you have to care for it as long as it lives.

Kittens are so cute that it is easy to get one without thinking of caring for it for 15 or so years, They do get big and they are still yours.  You will get attached to it and it gets attached to you.

Then can tell when you do not feel good or when you are sad, it is hard to not love an animal that curls up with you when you feel depressed. My cat has loved and supported me, she has got me through some depression and colds. She seems to know when I need to be cheered up or just need her to lay with me until I feel better. She pokes me in the nose with her little paw is I am just sad or lonely, saying to cheer up and play with her. When i do not feel good she has curled up with me and put her head on my hand or chest and slept. How she can tell the difference boggles my understanding of her being an animal or much more, I have held conversations with her where I believe she has understood what I was saying. 

Image Of Small Kitten

Look into this little face and know it needs the same care a baby does, how you fall in love with a kitten is different then how I do it. The result is the same, you become attached and have feelings for it. You know that it needs you to grow and mature, you think you are just getting a kitten and you end up with another family member. This is my first cat, I have had two dogs before that became part of the family and yet i did not think this was more then a pet when I got her.

 As she grew up and grew on me she became close to me as a friend, then when I became single she turned into a best friend and I would talk her ear off some nights. She was always there for me, granted she was stuck in the house with me and could not leave. She did not have to curl up with me or comfort me when I needed it on a regular basis. She wanted me as a friend as I did her.

Cat Friendship Bracelet

Am I thinking to much into this, am I being to sensitive about my cat friendship? I think not and I do not need a cat friendship bracelet to show my feelings for her. So I think of her as a friend instead of property, you probably will too. By the way cat friendship bracelets are cool, they are a good way to show you are a cat lover or a good way to remember a special friend.

Caring for a kitten

Your kitten should be with it's mother and siblings until 8 weeks of age, at 8 weeks is a good time to get it. They should be eating on their own and they can start imprinting on you. From 8 to 12 weeks they go through a growth spurt and should have 3 to 4 meals a day consisting of 35% to 40% protein.
This is a good time to start introducing them to grooming and brushing, and being held and handled to care for and cut their nails.
  At 12 weeks to 6 months is when they start to form and develop their personality and social habits, introduce them to people and socialize with them so they are comfortable around people. 
  • Play music and loud noises so they get use to it and do not develop a fear of them, continue with the handling and grooming with holding them and cutting their nails so they get use to it and you can do it when they are bigger. 
  • Cats do not like water most of the time, bath then regularly so they are use to baths as well.
  • Get them use to being in a pet carrier for trips out and to the vet.
  • Do not yell at or reprimand a cat because they will not understand it, ignore the bad behavior and give them a time out in the carrier.
  • Reward good behavior with treats, praise, and attention.
  • Do not encourage your cat to bite by playing with her that way, this is a bad habit to start.
  • Stop them from scratching walls or furniture, give them alternative things to scratch like posts, hanging items, and scratch mats.
  • Interact with your cat and get it use to company and companionship, you will also get to know the cat better and know what it wants or needs.
Stay on top of the vet visits and get all the preventative care taken care of so it will grow up a strong and healthy cat.
Image of kitten in grass

Kittens are so cute and it is no wonder why every one would want one, they do grow up into big cats and you still have to care for them.  When the cat gets big you should be really attached to it by now, it will feel like a family member. My cat wakes me up 5 minutes before the alarm clock goes off every morning, this is her first feeding time. I think she can tell time because she is consistent with waking me up right before the alarm goes off, how else is that possible. 

Cat Necessities

 Make sure you get your cat everything it needs, a good litter box and it's own bowls to eat from. Get it a cat bed and make sure it has plenty of toys to play with, especially kittens because they love to play and are so cute doing it.

 Get them kitten food until they are 6 months or older then go to regular cat food, the kitten food should have more protein for the to grow better.

They need plenty of attention and love, get them use to being held and being around people.

Enjoy your cat and have a long and happy friendship together, remember it is up to you to provide them with a happy and healthy life.

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