Sunday, May 10, 2015

Getting Cats Declawed

Have you ever wanted to or thought about getting your cat declawed?
I am sorry to say that I actually considered this at one point, my thoughts quickly changed and I would never do it to a cat. My cat destroyed a leather jacket and was starting in on the furniture, I had to do something quickly and this was a thought.
 I found a hanging scratch pad that she had no interest in and then got a stand up scratch post that she just walked by, I was frustrated with what to do. I would keep putting her near it every time she scratched, she had no interest in it no matter what I tried.
 My thoughts went to other options and having her claws removed came to mind, I quickly changed my mind about this course of action. As much as I wanted her to stop I could not do this, she is a house cat and I kept thinking if she did get out she could not protect herself.

Cats Protection

Cats have claws for hunting and for protection, I keep her in the house and she should not ever have the need to do either. I still want her to be able if she was ever to get out, and recently she did get out overnight and I was worried. I know I would have been more upset if she did not have any way to protect herself. I see this as a cruel thing to do now but understand there may be a rare need to have it done sometime, I just do not have any examples right now as a good reason for having it done.

Getting A Cat Declawed

 If you are going to have this done I feel it would be best when the cat is young. It may be much more painful when they are older plus they are use to having claws and it may be cruel to do when older.

  If you are deciding to have this done make sure you think it out well, the cat will thank you and I would also.  This is a decision that can not be reversed and it would be cruel even if it could be done.

Cutting A Cats Nails

I fight to cut my cats nails on a regular basis and this keeps her from scratching so much, it is the only thing that I have been able to do that has slowed her scratching.

I do wish I cut her nails every week when she was growing up so she became use to it. It is a battle with her every time I do it now because I did not get her use to it when she was young. If you have a kitten I recommend you get her use to it now.

 After I do get her nails cut she no longer wants to scratch so much until they grow back. I have a pattern of cutting them every other weekend now and she is slowly getting use to it and fighting less.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My Cat Is Missing

  During the night I awoke to discover the cat was not in bed with us, This is unusual but does happen from time to time. I called and she did not come, I know cats do not listen however my cat always comes running to the bedroom when called so now I start to really worry.  I get up and start looking to no avail, she is not in the house.

My Cat Is Missing

  I try to think back as to when she could have got out and realize the door
Sassy the cat image
was open numerous times between 6 pm and bedtime around 10 pm. It is now 1:30 am and I can not go yelling in the streets, I looked around the house and walked the area quietly. When the sun came up I stopped home for coffee and better shoes because my feet were blistered.

 Twenty minutes later I was out walking again and most of my neighbors were put on notice to look for her, at this point I really start to worry because we have large hawks and owls that pick up animals in the area. This would not usually be a concern for a cat except that my cat has never been out and knows nothing about survival, she is also extremely small for her age and is the same size at 6 years old as she was at 6 months old. One of these animals could easily carry her away.

Missing Pet

  What I can do to find her keeps going through my mind, I do not even have a collar on her because she never goes out. I decide that if I get her back I will get her a address collar and take extra steps to make sure she never gets out. I am thinking while I walk about making fliers and getting an ad in the paper, it all seams like a bad dream. I can not believe how attached I am to this animal and it comes to me that she is my family, my friend, and missing.

Around 10 am I am exhausted from walking and my feet are throbbing, I come home to change my bloody socks. My mother is at my house and has the door open with food out in case the cat smells it, my girlfriend has driven my truck around the area because it has a very distinct sound.

 The cat comes walking in like nothing has happened, it was funny because it looked like she did not want me to know she was missing. I can not tell you all the feelings that were going through me at that point, I was emotional.

My Cat Was Home Safe

After finding her my lady suggested inventing a gps for cats, I said that is a good idea and I am sure someone already has made them. I was right and found one here by accident, it is a GPS cat collar that locates the cat at any given time. It has many other features so you can tell the cats normal range, and it's patterns. You can set it to email or text you when the cat leaves an area. I liked this and my Sassy is wearing it now, I set it to notify me if she leaves the house so I know instantly if she gets out again.

GPS Collars

I found a list of Gps collars an Amazon and picked this one even though it is slightly large for my small cat. This one had many features that I liked and were useful, the main one is that it does not turn on the GPS unless it is outside the set area or you activate tracking. This makes the battery last long and does not need regular charging.

image of GPS cat collar
 I like that it tells you if the cat leave the area which you can set up as your home, this way you know if the cat gets out as soon as it does. It does many other things as well that I have no need for at this time however I may want them at a later date. By clicking on the image you will be taken to the order page that tell all about it and other models that do different things, this way you have some choice in what you get.

 I hope I never have to say my cat is missing again, I am better prepared now in case something does happen.  You would think I was making earthquake preparations, I have a list of neighbors to call and pictures for fliers. She has a GPS tracking system and an address collar with phone number. I watch all the doors better now and check more often on where she is.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Man With Cat As A Pet

 Being a man with a cat as a pet I sometimes get looks when I tell people that I have a cat, I am guessing these people think a cat is a feminine type pet.  I would not trade my cat for anything, she is my first cay and I was surprised at how much of a personality she has.

My Cat Sassy

 She likes to be with me and whatever room I am in she is there with me, I had to make a bed for her near me in the office to keep her off the computer desk. I did not mind her on the desk with me but it was hard to see the monitor. We have established a bond where we trust each other, you can say she is my friend and I consider her to be my best friend.
Sassy sleeping on computer desk

  Being a man and having a cat never crossed my mind when I took her in and gave her a loving home, If I am judged by having a cat as a pet then this world is in worst condition then I thought. I can assure you that nobody will shame me into feeling bad, I love this cat.

  I think is is surprise to some people, mostly women like cats and have them. I catch them off guard when I say I have one and it is fun to see the look I get sometimes, you can always tell a cat lover because you see their face light up and want to know all about my baby.

 Having a cat has always been an adventure, she has kept my company on some lonely nights. And recently kept me up all night when she got out and I could not find her. I looked all night and 5 hours after the sun came up, this was incredible and I will never forget it.
  I was home changing my bloody socks because I walked so much looking for her that I got blisters that were bleeding, I left the door open hoping she would come home and she came walking in like nothing was wrong. It looked like she was trying to make me think she was there the whole time.

Sassy's Experience

This was here first night out alone ever, she is a house cat and I can tell she was happy to be back inside. She did not go near a door for 4 days or try to get out again yet. I think she had a bad experience and was scared, I got up to go the the bathroom before midnight and noticed she was not in bed. From that time on I was out looking for her, I am not sure when she got out and I know the last time I seen her was around 6 pm when I feed her.

My experience

  I have been extra careful to watch her, I thought she might be gone and I was heartbroken. I use to think they were just animals and you could get another. She changed that, I know she is one of a kind and losing her would hurt.

 I am careful about her getting out and I am looking for a name tag that can hold me name, number, and address that is small enough for a cat. I know that is not a cure for anything, but if she is found maybe it will help her get back to me. My only worry with that is she is such a nice animal that who finds her may keep her for themselves.   I make sure she does not get out.

Man With A Cat

  So I am a man with a cat and proud of it, I will not lose her and make sure to not let her get out again. She is little and quick, she watches and looks for weaknesses she can exploit and use to get out. I see her do this, she is so smart and plans things out. A very special cat for a good and loving man, we make a great pair.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bottle Feeding A Kitten

Hand Feeding And Bottle Feeding

image of a kitten feedingSometimes you come across a kitten that was abandoned by the mother or something may have happened to the mother and you end up with a whole litter of cats that need to be feed and are not able to eat on their own.  You have to feed them and keep them warm so they can live and grow up.
 Keeping them warm is not hard and if you have a whole litter then they keep each other warm, feeding becomes the issue.  A good pet store will have what you need to feed the kitten or you can get it online. Being a cat lover myself I get everything I need except the milk online and have it on hand in case one of these little babies need help, then when the time comes I get the milk at a local place.

Amount To Feed Kittens

  • Kittens under 4 ounces: 1/2 teaspoon per feeding, every 2 hours
  • Kittens that are 4-8 ounces: 2-4 tablespoons per day, every 3 hours
  • Kittens 8-24 ounces: 6-10 tablespoons per day, every 4 hours.

You may not have an ounce scale on hand, I have a food scale that goes to 1 pound in ounces that I use. You can get one of these or go by you instincts with what you think they need, never force them to eat.
  It may be easier to use the syringe when they are smaller but you have to be careful and let them take it in slowly. I prefer the bottle because they take it in as they want it.   


Best Milk To Use

Always let the mother nurse if possible, if you have to do this never give them cows milk. I know you hear kittens like milk but cows milk is bad for them, most cats are lactose intolerant.
 When buying cats milk I will get the powdered and mix it as needed, it lasts the longest. Never heat the milk in a microwave, it can get to hot very fast when dealing with such small amounts. I feel the vitamins are damaged in the milk by the microwave also, my personal belief but I feel better. Heat the bottle in water like you do a baby's bottle. Make sure it is warm and not hot then feed the baby.

Kitten Massage

It is important to teach the kitten how to relieve itself, the mother does this by cleaning or licking the babies. On kittens less then four weeks of age and especially less then two weeks of age you need to caress their genital area so they can pass waste. I do this before and after every feeding, I gently message their genital area and lower belly. I like when they go because I know they went, the trick is to do it over a towel for easy clean up and not to make a new fashion statement. They are so cute when little but need around the clock care, you have to remember they are babies and very fragile.

Feeding times

Kittens O–2 weeks need 10 feeds in 24 hours or about every 2.2 hours
Kittens 2–4 weeks need 7 feeds in 24 hours or about every 3.5 hours.
Kittens 4–5 weeks need 5 feeds in 24 hours or about every 5 hours.

This calls for a serious commitment by the person that is caring for the babies, you have to feed them at these times.

It is important to make sure they are kept warm, this helps them to sleep and digest. It keeps them from getting sick or being at risk of hypothermia. 

Kittens Vaccinations   

It is important for a kitten to be vaccinated after it stops feeding on it's mothers milk. Mom's milk has colostrum and protects the kitten, once the kitten stops feeding on the mother's milk it needs to be vaccinated within 2 weeks.

It is best to not try to feed a newborn unless you have experience, if there is no other choice then do what you can to save the baby, You have many resources online to use for help. An older kitten that is 3 or more weeks is easier to start with, there are some situations where the kitten may have been alone too long to save so you do beat yourself up if you lose one.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kitten Present, Puppy Present ? A bad Idea!!

              Would you give an animal as a present?

I think this is a bad idea unless you are giving it to your child and you accept it and the responsibility to care for it. If you give the animal to someone that did not want it or was not ready to take on the responsibility to care for it the animal could end up being mistreated or not cared for properly. It could even end up injured or in the pound.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cat Ownership

                            Getting A Kitten

When you decide to get a kitten you have to be sure because you are taking a big step, you are becoming responsible for another life. You have to care for it and make sure it is happy and healthy for it's entire life.  These are not throw away animals that you get because they are little and cute then you get rid of them when they grow up.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ideas For The Home Shared With A Pet

                                           Sharing Your Home

   When you make the decision to take an animal you become responsible for it and I am a believer that we need to give them a good life. We take the animal into our homes and have to share the living space with them, this can make for some interesting solutions on how to live with an animal.
Small Kittens are so cute

Monday, April 6, 2015

What Kind Of Worms Do Cats Get?

When your cat gets fleas there are several things you can do, when it gets worms all you can do is treat her for it. You can take him/her to the doctor
cats playing together
and pay that bill and then buy the medicine or you can get the medicine yourself and treat the animal without paying the vet bill. Your pet should go to the vet anyway, talk about preventative options and what you can do to make sure you animal remains healthy.

 I treat my cat and use preventative measures the vet told me was safe, the only thing I have not done was get her fixed. She stays inside and has no chance of having babies.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

How To Take Care Of A Cat

                                  Caring For Cats

 When you get a cat you are taking on a big responsibility, you need to know how to take care of a cat. Cats are cute and lovable, there is nothing cuter then a kitten playing. They are also your responsibility for the rest of their life when you get one, you have to ensure the cat food, livable conditions and medical attention if it needs it.

  I came across a kitten that was on it's way to the pound and I did not want to see it start it's life there, especially where I live because we have a kill shelter. When we saw each other it was meant to be, I still had to consider if I could care for it and give it a good life. I struggle sometimes but make sure she gets what she needs at all times. I made a responsible decision and to be a cat owner you have to do the same.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Learn Why Cats Meow

     The Cats Meow  

  To know why cats meow you have to understand that cats communicate with their owners or friends, their meow is one way how they accomplish this.
A cats meow has many meanings depending on what she is trying to express, their meow along with their actions can express exactly what they want.

 Once you know the cat and how it acts it is easy to tell what it is saying to you. You may think this is strange, I can tell what my cat wants or is saying most of the time. I have been told that the cat has me trained well, maybe that is the case with some people. My cat has a schedule and if I do not stick with it she will let me know, she has a way to tell me things and a way to remind me or get my attention. The funniest and most impressive thing she does is yell at me.